Activities and Affiliations

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*Our daily view–Downtown Fort Worth


PhUn15: The Heart (target audience: K-12)
Interview with Dr. Mathis by Ms. Amaya Wright (target audience: undergraduates)
The Power of Yet (target audience: everyone)
A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words: How to Boost Your Science Using Instagram (target audience: researchers)

Physiology Understanding (PhUn) Tours
Dallas Park Elementary
Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA)
June W. Davis Elementary
OD Wyatt High School
Texas School of the Arts (TeSA)

Physiology Understanding Week
Tanglewood Elementary School
Clayton YES! One Safe Place
Dallas Park Elementary School
William James Middle School
Ellis Daycare

Lab Tours
Mentors for Life
Lamar High School
Dublin High School
Garland High School
Tarleton University

Vestido Rojo

Local Committees

JAMP Council (Mathis)
UNTHSC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (Mathis)
UNTHSC Texas Center for Health Disparities Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) Internal Advisory Committee (Mathis)
UNTHSC SBS Admissions Committee (Mathis)
UNTHSC Department of Physiology and Anatomy Communications Committee (Mathis)

Current National Committees

American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory (Mathis; Associate Editor)
American Physiological Society-Water and Electrolyte Homeostasis Section Secretary (Mathis)
American Physiological Society Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (Mathis)
American Heart Association-Council on Hypertension Membership and Communications Committee (Mathis; Immediate Past Chair)
Black in Physiology Executive Board (Mathis; Director)
Hypertension Journal (Mathis; Editorial Board)
Journal of Physiology (Mathis; Review Editor)
NIH Study Section-Pathobiology of Kidney Disease (Mathis; Standing Member)
PHANatics (Dinh; Secretary)


Conference for Black Physiologists (virtual)
Experimental Biology (Philadelphia, PA)
Council on Hypertension (San Diego, CA)

Conference for Black Physiologists (virtual)
Experimental Biology (virtual)
Council on Hypertension (virtual)
LUPUS & CORA (virtual)

Lupus Research Alliance Forum for Discovery (virtual)

Experimental Biology (Orlando, FL)
Council on Hypertension (New Orleans, LA)
Lupus Research Alliance Forum for Discovery (New York, NY)
American Heart Association Diversity Summit (Dallas, TX)

Experimental Biology (San Diego, CA)

Experimental Biology (Chicago, IL)
Council on Hypertension (San Francisco, CA)

Experimental Biology (San Diego, CA)
FASEB Summer Research Conference (Saxtons River, VT)
American Heart Association Research Leaders Academy (San Antonio, TX)
APS Conference on Inflammation (Westminster, CO)
Council on Hypertension (Orlando, FL)

Experimental Biology (Boston, MA)
Physiological Society (Cardiff, Wales, UK)

Experimental Biology (San Diego, CA)
Council on Hypertension (San Francisco, CA)
Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minorities (ABRCMS; San Antonio, TX)

Professional Societies

American Physiological Society (Mathis, Pham)
American Heart Association (Mathis)
Black in Physiology (Mathis)
The Physiological Society (Mathis)