Past Lab Members

Trainee Year of Entry/ Graduation/Degree Prior Institution and Degree Research Topic Last Position
Sangram Raut 2017/present/faculty UNTHSC/PhD Advancement of the rHDL drug delivery platform via animal studies and application of novel research methods. Research Assistant Professor/UNTHSC
Linda Mooberry 2014/present/Postdoc UNTHSC/PhD Delivery of nucleic acid payloas via reconstituted high density lipoproteins Research Specialist/UNTHSC
Marlyn Panchoo 2013/present/PhD Texas Tech University/MSc Regulation of cholesterol metabolism in Neuroblastoma PhD candidate/UNTHSC
Nirupama Sabnis 2008/present/Postdoc Mumbai University/PhD Establishment of proof of concept for reconstituted  high density lipoproteins as theranostic nanocarriers Senior Research Specialist/UNTHSC
Rebecca Johnson 2011/2016/PhD Texas Womans University/MSc SR-B1-targeted nanodelivery of anti-cancer agents to treat triple negativebreast cancer Instructor/UNT Dallas
Linda Mooberry 2003/2010/PhD University of Texas at Arlington/BSc Mechanism of drug delivery via reconstituted high density lipoprotein nanoparticles Research Specialist/UNTHSC
Maya Nair 1995/2009/PostDoc University of Kerala/PhD Development and characterization of reconstituted high density lipoproteins ass drug nanocarriers Assistant Professor/UNTHSC
BJ Kudchodkar 1995/2009/Postdoc University of Saskatchewan/PhD Investigation of reverse cholesterol transport in humans and in animal models Research Associate professor UNTHSC
Sabitha Buttreddy 2002/2004/MSc Telangana State University Evaluation of reconstituted high density lipoproteins as a delivery system for drug sensitive and resistant ovarian cancer cell lines UNTHSC Research Staff
Shemedia Johnson 2002/2004/MSc Jarvis Christian University/BSc Isolation and characterization of high density lipoproteins from horse plasma Research staff, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Kisaaou Tchedre 2002/2004/MSc University of Togo/BSc Characterization of recombinant LCAT produced by human lung cells Post-Doc Harvard University
Karen Murray 1997/2000/PhD University of Texas at Arlington/MSc Immunoreactivity of Lecithin: cholesterol Acyltransferase Provost, Tarleton State University
Geetha Sundarrajan 1993/1995/MSc Tarleton State University/MS Conformational studies on Lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase Instructor, Tarrant County College
Sun-Min Lee 1985/1989/PhD Seoul University/BSc Age related changes in reverse cholesterol transport Graduated 1989
Sulabha Paranjape 1987/1989/MSc University of Baroda Reverse cholesterol transport in guinea pigs. Research Staff UNTHSC
Myung C Park 1982/1986/Post-Doc Texas Women’s University/PhD Interaction of LCAT with lipoprotein substrates Professor Kyungpook University
Yong Bok Park 1983/1987/PhD Kyongpook University/BS Isolation and characterization of LCAT from swine plasma Dean of Science Kyungpook University
Shinichi Hara 1980/1984 PhD UNT Health Science Center/MS Physical properties of Lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase Research Scientist AMGEN
Kui Song Chong 1977/1981/PhD Midwestern University Purification and characterization of Lecithin: Cholesterol Acyltransferase Research Scientist, Abbot laboratories
Mehrnoosh Jahani 1978/1981/MSc University of Teheran BSc Interaction of lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase with lipoproteins Anesthesiologist Plano, TX
Jerry Davis 1977/1079/MSc University of North Texas BSc Age Related Changes in Rat and Primate Plasma Cholesterol Metabolism. Pathologist Fort Worth, TX
Joshua SK David 1973/1975lPost-Doc Bangalore University PhD Interaction of LCAT with triglyceride- rich lipoproteins Assistant Professor Presbyterian University of Pennsylvania,