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Colon-Perez Neuroimaging Lab​

Brain Image graphic Colon-Perez LabImg 5778First lab photo! Ragan, Kaylee, Samia, and Luis in front of the 7T MRI

Our research goals are to integrate computational neuroscience methods to broad applications in neuropsychiatric disorders and preclinical models of mental health disorders. We specifically work in the field of neuroscience known as connectomics.” In this area, we seek to quantitatively identify important insights about brain networks’ physical properties or “connectomes” to determine important biomarkers of behavior and cognition.

To date, our research initiatives have focused on developing and applying quantitative neuroimaging tools to study the brain’s structure and function. Specifically, we merge diffusion and functional MRI with complex network analysis, which is the field of physics devoted to understanding the properties of networks, to reveal topological features of brain connectivity. Using complex network analysis, we can assess topological descriptions of connectomes.

More recently, we are focused on computational neuroscience approaches to investigate disease-related brain topology, particularly in animal models of substance use disorders.

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Luis M. Colón-Pérez, PhD 
Assistant Professor University of North Texas Health Science Center 
Dept. of Pharmacology & Neuroscience 
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76107 
Office: CBH 546
Phone: 817-735-7679