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Lab Members

Kaitlyn Bambino

Kaitlyn Bambino, B.A.

MIG Department
Research Assistant & Lab Technician
I’m a research assistant in Dr. Sterling Ortega‘s Lab. I have a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of North Texas. My research is on the EAE model of Multiple Sclerosis, and my focus is CD8 T-Cells their effect on M.S.
Kathy Hernandez

Katherine Hernandez

BA, Biology, University of North Texas


During my undergraduate years I worked as both a pharmacy technician and as an undergraduate research assistant. While completing my bachelors I realized that I wanted a career in science and chose to pursue a doctoral degree. This led me to my current role as a graduate student working in Dr. Sterling Ortega’s lab here at HSC. 

In the lab I’m currently working with a murine stroke model called middle cerebral artery occlusion. Using this model, I’m looking at the therapeutic effects of PNU120596 from a neuroimmunology standpoint. My interests outside the lab include hiking, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my family.

Hunter Schneider

Hunter Schneider

BA, Neurology, the University of Texas at Dallas

MS, Medical Science, UNTHSC SBS


The experiences and professors I encountered during my undergraduate studies furthered my lifelong interest in neurology and cemented my decision to pursue a career as a physician. After spending a year in the UNTHSC graduate program, I accepted a seat in the TCOM class of 2025. Since then, I have joined the Ortega lab and am now contributing to studies further elucidating the roles of CD8 T-cells and the mechanisms employed by these cells, with a special interest in muscular sclerosis patients. My interests outside the lab include playing basketball, consuming movies/TV shows, Dallas sports teams, and spending time with friends or family.

Daniel Ramirez

Greetings, my name is Daniel Ramirez Jr. For short, others might reference me as Danny or by my nickname DJ, so any of these alternative names apply as well. I am currently a student at Savannah State University, Home of the Tiger, and major in Forensics Science with a focus in Biology.

As of now, my intentions for joining this program is to broaden my choices in the biology field by gaining more experience in different areas of biology and find out what truly gain my interest in the science field. My plans for graduation after getting my bachelors are to find a job as a lab technician while also going to a medical school to get my MD, and possibly get my masters in Forensics Science later on. My end goal is to become a pathologist and work in crime labs doing autopsies and research in pathology, but with this internship I hope to have multiple options on what I want my career goal to be. Outside of the science and research field, I like to cook, read, play video games to destress, and workout (cardio, leg press, glutes, etc). Even though I am somewhat new to this experience, I hope to be able to learn a lot during these 2 months and am grateful to be a part of this. Thank you!


Lab Accomplishments

Kathy Hernandez received a Travel Scholarship to attend the 2022 National Diversity in STEM (NDiSTEM) Conference! This funding covers flight, lodging, and registration for the 2022 NDiSTEM Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico in October 2022.