The Jones Research Laboratory

Dr. Jones, Colette Ngo Ndjom, Data Analysis
Welcome to the Jones Research Laboratory website.

Determinants of health and disease requires an in-depth understanding of complex biological networks. The Jones Laboratory is interested in several interrelated bio-behavioral research questions aimed to improve human health. By integrating immunological, neuroendocrine and microbiological disciplines, our research is identifying multi-directional pathways in which stressors modify host immune functioning that in turn influences pathogenic and non-pathogenic disease. We address this concept using in vivo and in vitro experimental systems. Our long-term goal is that comprehensive and precision-based therapies can become a reality through defining the neuroendocrine-immune-microbial biological axis (NIBA).

The Jones Research Laboratory is part of the Institute for Molecular & Medical Genetics at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.