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Forensic STRs

GeneMapper Genotype Conversion Tool

The Transposer is a small workbook designed to transpose the vertical output of GeneMapper and GeneMapper-IDx into a horizontal table with samples listed vertically (one row/sample) with markers listed horizontally.


Stutter Calculator

The Stutter Calculator determines true allele calls** and analyzes peak intensities/heights to determine the stutter ratio of Forensic STR kits. It supports most commonly used STR kits.

Stutter Calculator (Small, 100 Samples Current version is v1.2)

Stutter Calculator Manual


PHASTR is a workbook developed to analyze peak height data of commonly used Forensic STR kits. It computes numerous values (e.g. Peak Height Ratios, Average Peak Heights, Dye Channel Evaluations, etc.)

PHASTR (Peak Height Analysis of STRs, Current Version is v2.0)


4N6 Amplification Workbook

4N6 Amplification Workbook takes the sample(s) post-extraction thru STR
analysis. It generates plate layouts and upload files*** for ABI 7500,
3130 and 3500.

4N6 Amplification Workbook, Current Version is v1.0

4N6 Amplification Workbook Manual (Currently Outdated)

RMP Calculator

RMP Calculator is a workbook developed to generate Random Match Probabilities for a large number of samples.

RMP Calculator (Medium, 1000 Individuals)

RMP Calculator (Small, 100 Individuals)

Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) Solutions


mitoSAVE was developed for haplotype evaluation and conversion of VCF files into a standardized forensic format haplotype.

FSI:Genetics DOI Link


HSD Generator

HSD Generator converts mitoSAVE haplotypes into a text file for haplogroup generation.

HSD Generator

STRait Razor v2.0 

Files for the conversion of STRait Razor output can be found under the STRait Razor homepage

*These workbooks are freely available. However, these downloads are trials intended to evaluate the utility of the workbooks for widespread release. To the best of my knowledge, all workbooks linked to perform as
intended. If any calculation errors or other bugs are observed, please let me know.

**True allele call assignments based on peak heights/intensities. If a peak at stutter position is larger than the true sister allele it will be assigned as a true allele. Please check data prior to analysis to determine if any stutter peaks are larger than the true alleles within a locus. Alternatively, true allele calls (if known) can now be included prior to analysis to ensure proper stutter calculations.

***Upload files are generated using the identifiers (e.g. Results Group, Instrument Protocol) used within our lab. These can easily be changed to suit other instruments/labs.