School of Biomedical Sciences


AutoCurE- Automated Curation in Excel

AutoCurE is an Excel-based tool to automate metadata curation of bacterial genomes downloaded from the NCBI ftp site (fna files only) and to facilitate database file manipulation. AutoCurE is comprised of two Excel workbooks, the AutoCurE Genome Filename Tool and the AutoCurE Genome Report Tool.



  1. Tools

    1. AutoCurE Filename Tool v1.0
    2. AutoCurE Genome Report Tool v1.0
      1. AutoCurE Genome Report Tool v1.1
  2. Manuals

    1. AutoCurE Manual v1.0
    2. AutoCurE Manual v1.1


We will updating AutoCurE as needed based on user feedback, updates to the genome report, and data organizational structure at NCBI.