BioSafety provides expertise and consultation on issues related to biological safety with the goal of maintaining a safe workplace, preventing environmental contamination and complying with applicable federal, state and local requirements.

Contact Information

Maya Nair, PhD, RBP
Phone: 817-735-5431
Biosafety Officer


UNTHSC-Biosafety Manual 2022

UNT Health Science Center has adopted this Biosafety Manual in order to establish a uniform safety program for all laboratory activities involving potentially biohazardous materials. The provisions specified in this Biosafety Manual are applicable to all persons working in laboratories including faculty, students, staff, contractors and visitors. This biosafety program applies to all activities involving recombinant  and synthetic deoxyribonucleic acid (rDNA and sDNA); genetically modified organisms (animal or plant life) (GMOs), including their release into the environment; potential human, animal or plant pathogens; the use of living organisms (any size or type including GMOs) as control agents for growth, pest control or environmental change; human materials; and the disposal of potentially biohazardous materials.

Forms and SOP for biosafety operations

Biological Safety Cabinet Laboratory equipment relocation Installation form

HSC incident report form

UNTHSC IBC SOP for biohazard transport

 Laboratory Safety Survey Guidance Document 2020

Biological waste removal request

Biosafety Resources

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)