UNTHSC Biosafety Manual

UNT Health Science Center has adopted this Biosafety Manual in order to establish a uniform safety program for all laboratory activities involving potentially biohazardous materials. The provisions specified in this Biosafety Manual are applicable to all persons working in laboratories including faculty, students, staff, contractors and visitors. This biosafety program applies to all activities involving recombinant deoxyribo nucleic acid (rDNA); genetically modified organisms (animal or plant life) (GMOs), including their release into the environment; potential human, animal or plant pathogens; the use of living organisms (any size or type including GMOs) as control agents for growth, pest control or environmental change; human materials; and the disposal of potentially biohazardous materials.


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UNT Health Science Center Instititional Biosafety Committee - Biosafety Manual University of North Texas Health Science Center Fort Worth, Texas

This page was last modified on December 12, 2017