Secured Training and Experience Program (S.T.E.P)

Meet Adriana Flores and Celia Wiggins — two recent Community Health Worker graduates.

Adriana and Celia were chosen for an 8-month paid internship program with the North Texas Area Community Health Center where they rotate between the positions of “Referral and Care Assistant Coordinator” and “Patient Benefit and Health Education Coordinator”.

The purpose of the STEP program is to provide valuable practical field experience as a newly training and certified Community Health Worker.

Adriana previously worked for the Peace Corp in rural El Salvador. She is currently working on her Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at the UNT-School of Public Health.

Celia, a past community volunteer, has recently been rewarded for her hard work as an intern — she has been offered a full-time job as a CHW!

Congratulations to both women.

Adriana Flores (Left), Celia Wiggins (Right)

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This page was last modified on January 27, 2015