Community Outreach Core


The Texas Center for Health Disparities Community Outreach Core serves as a mechanism to bring together the Health Science Center’s expertise with community-based resources in a coordinated framework, and maximize this potential in new and innovative ways to build capacity to reduce health disparities in the region. The Community Outreach Core is managed through the Center for Community Health, which actively maintains community partnerships to engage in a wide range of activities that address the overall goal of the Community Outreach Core to enhance local community capacity to reduce women’s health disparities.

Organizational Structure

  • Interim Core Director: Kathryn Cardarelli, Ph.D., formerly Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, and Director of the Center for Community Health. Currently Associate Dean at the University of Kentucky School of public Health
  • Project Manager: Marcela Gutierrez, LMSW. Community Engagement Manager in the Center for Community Health
  • Community Advisory Board: Key community leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area including public health departments, community-based organizations and service organizations

Core Initiatives

  • HIV Outreach and Prevention Initiative: The aim of this initiative is to work with the Urban League of Greater Dallas to enhance HIV prevention among young women through enhancing their HIV health literacy and encouraging them to test.
  • Obesity Outreach and Prevention Initiative: The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen the efforts of the Greater Dallas Area Coalition to Prevent Childhood Obesity by building community capacity to reduce and prevent obesity among underserved Dallas County women.
  • Breast Cancer Outreach and Prevention Initiative: The purpose of this initiative is to create a Tarrant County Cancer Disparities Coalition, with technical assistance from the Dallas Cancer Disparities Coalition, with a focus on building community capacity to reduce cancer health disparities and an initial focus on breast cancer prevention among women.

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