Administrative Core

The Administrative Core manages day-to-day personnel and fiscal matters of the Texas Center for Health Disparities, promotes collaboration among cores and projects, facilitates translation of science into practice and engages community partners in activities that can lead to successful intervention strategies. Works with the Community Engagement and Dissemination Core to organize the annual workshop in conjunction with the annual Texas Conference on Health Disparities. In addition to nationally recognized speakers on health disparity research, we will also have research progress presentations by investigators funded by this NIMHD COE grant, posters and presentations by undergraduates and faculty from URM institutions. The annual conference is also a forum to highlight our progress in community engagement and dissemination efforts. Organize Role Model Seminars and Health Disparity Grand Rounds in collaboration with the Research Projects and Investigator Development Core.

A major objective during the grant will be to identify the ongoing research, training and outreach projects that address issues relating to minority health at UNTHSC, the surrounding community and the state of Texas. Once these resources are identified, the goal is to facilitate communication between them so the programs and projects become interactive and synergize with one another.


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Jamboor K. Vishwanatha,PhD
Center Director and Director of the Administrative Core

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