Grant Funding Opportunities – Limited Submissions

The Research Enhancement Assistance Program will make every effort to list all limited submission programs on this website. The deadline for abstract submission will be 60 calendar days prior to sponsor deadline, in order to allow time for review and proposal drafting. Other limited submission programs may exist that are not on our list with appropriate deadlines. To maintain workable deadlines, all faculty and staff should report any new program not listed on the website to for immediate communication to all researchers. If there is insufficient time for an internal competition to take place, an administrative decision may be made regarding which, if any, proposal(s) should be submitted.

Limited submission proposals should be submitted through InfoReady URL link. If more than the number of allowable proposals submitted in InfoReady, then the Research Advisory Committee will review and determine which applicant(s) will be representing the university.

In any instance where multiple abstracts are submitted for a given funding opportunity, a review by the RAC should be completed to ensure that the associated college(s) are supportive of the abstracts being moved forward.