What do I submit to the IRB for an Exempt Category Research?

This is the simplest and often the quickest process if the following are submitted and the information given is complete and clear.

Student investigators must have their advisor or a faculty member sign and date the Exempt application as the principal investigator. At UNTHSC, a student cannot be the principal investigator.

  • CITI certificates for ALL key personnel

If applicable,

  • Any of the data collection tools (e.g. survey, educational tests, etc.)
  • Include interview/phone script
  • Recruitment/advertisement material (flyers, ads, etc.)
  • Letter of collaboration or permission and/or approvals from other IRBs

In most cases, review of Exempt category research may take from 1-5 business days. Review time depends on the completeness of the packet and clarity of the information. Submit all documents to the Office of Research Compliance (OReC) located in Center of BioHealth (CBH) Suite 160, 3500 Camp Bowie Fort Worth, TX 76107. Please contact OReC at 817-735-0409 if you have any questions regarding research submission.


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