ORC Contacts

ORC staff works closely with investigators and the Institutional Review Board to ensure subject’s welfare and research compliance with federal regulations. You may contact us for assistance or guidance regarding human subject research and IRB review. Please schedule an appointment to ensure staff availability. For general questions and guidance, please call 817-735-0409. Please send fax correspondence to 817-735-0124.

Brian A. Gladue, Ph.D., CIP – Associate Vice President, Research Administration and
Executive Director, North Texas Regional Institutional Review Board

Ph: (817) 735-5083 – Email: Brian.Gladue@unthsc.edu

Directs and coordinates all protocol reviews, outreach and regulatory activities associated with biomedical, social-behavioral, and FDA (clinical trial) research projects.

Deb Ceron – Senior Human Research Protection Coordinator

Ph: (817) 735-5483 – Email: Deb.Ceron@unthsc.edu

Coordinator for all FDA industry-sponsored and federal government (NIH, CDC) clinical trials.

Itzel Peña Pérez, MS, CIP – Human Research Protection Coordinator

Ph: (817) 735-0673 – Email: Itzel.Pena@unthsc.edu

Coordinator for social-behavioral and biomedical research projects; and conducts Spanish translations and verifications for research projects involving human subjects.

Amanda Oglesby, MS Human Research Protection Coordinator

Ph: (817) 735-5457 – Email: Amanda.Oglesby@unthsc.edu

Coordinator for biomedical and social-behavioral research projects.

Tania C. Ghani, MS, CIP – Research Compliance Manager

Ph: (817) 735-2038- Email: Tania.Ghani@unthsc.edu

Jessica Bird – Research Compliance Manager

Ph: (817) 735-2081 – Email: Jessica.Bird@unthsc.edu

Christina Aguilar, CPIA IACUC Administrator

Ph: (817) 735-2533 – Email: Christina.Aguilar@unthsc.edu

Coordinates IACUC functions including protocol reviews, audits and inspections.

Anna Laurent IACUC Administrator

Ph: (817) 735-0491 – Email: Anna.Laurent@unthsc.edu

Christine KeasSenior Administrative Coordinator

Ph: (817) 735-0409 – Email: Christine.Keas@unthsc.edu

Susan Harlin – Research Conflict of Interest Administrator / Compliance Manager

Ph: (817) 735-2742 – Email: Susan.Harlin@unthsc.edu

Office Hours 

Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm

The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) is located on the first floor of Center for Biohealth (CBH) Suite 160. Our mail-in address is 3500 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76107. Please address mail with attention to the Office of Research Compliance. You may contact us at 817-735-0409. Please send fax correspondence to 817-735-0124.

ORC staff is always willing to provide assistance to investigators regarding current or prospective research protocols. Please schedule an appointment to ensure staff availability.

All documents and correspondence for ORC or the IRB can be dropped off during business hours (8am-5pm) at the front desk of ORC with Ms. Christine Keas.


ORC is organized within the Division of Research & Innovation. As such, we collaborate with the Office of Clinical Trials and the Office of Grant and Contract Management in coordinating human subject research at UNTHSC. Click the Division of Research & Innovation Directory link for a listing of the Division of Research & Innovation Office.


This page was last modified on July 15, 2019