How to Report a Suspected Compliance Violation

Students, employees, patients and others may report a research compliance violation in the following ways:

  • Report to your Supervisor
  • Call the UNTHSC Trust Line (844) 692-6025
  • Report on-line at UNTHSC Trust Line website
  • Report to Office of Research Compliance (817) 735-0409
  • Report to UNT Health Science Center Institutional Compliance Office (817) 735-2029

Reporting compliance violations is strongly encouraged, and it is the Health Science Center’s policy to immediately establish an inquiry and follow up each report to its conclusion. The inquiry process is conducted according to a standardized Report and Response Protocol.

“Compliance at the health science center is a matter of fairness, honesty, responsibility, ethical behavior and good stewardship. Adherence to compliance is an opportunity for each health science center employee to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing success of the institution.”

The Texas Whistleblower Act protects anyone who, in good faith, reports unlawful activity from retaliation for making such a report.