2022 Publications

August 18, 2022 • NorTex

  • Hall, M., Lim, H., Kim, S., Fulda, K.G., Surve, S.A. “A cross-sectional study comparing alopecia among b-boys and b-girls to other dance styles and its impact on dance performance and health.” Journal of Dance Medicine & Science. Accepted March 2022.
  • Spence, E., Prabhakar, P., Grace, J., Fulda, K., Thompson, E., Ondersma, S. (2022). “Development and implementation of tablet-based screening for interpersonal violence in primary care settings.” Health Care for Women International. https://doi.org/10.1080/07399332.2043861 (published online March 2, 2022).
  • Young, R.A., Fulda, K.G., Espinoza, A., Gurses, A.P., Hendrix, Z.N., Kenny, T., Xiao, Y. (2022).“Ambulatory medication errors in primary care: a systematic review of its measurements and outcomes.” Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Accepted January 2022.
  • Shabu, T., Espinoza, A., Manning, S., Cardarelli, R., Fulda, K.G. (2022). “Patient research interest differences by gender and race/ethnicity: A North Texas Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network (NorTex) study.” Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Accepted November 2021.