Omair Muzaffar, MPH

OmairmOmair Muzaffar is currently a Project Coordinator for Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at University of North Texas (UNT) Health Science Center in the Department of Family Medicine and NorTex. Mr. Muzaffar earned his Master of Public Health degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Behavior and Community Health. His primary focus was on children’s health and building healthy habits that will lead to a healthier future. Prior to his arrival at UNT Health Science Center, Mr. Muzaffar was an elementary school science teacher in Aurora, Colorado, which stems from his passion for children’s health. A Wyoming native, Mr. Muzaffar received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming.

As part of the NorTex team, Mr. Muzaffar works closely with the healthcare providers on research projects, collaboration and administrative tasks. Coordinating research projects, collecting and inputting data and assisting in interpreting the results, are a few of Mr. Muzaffar’s responsibilities within NorTex.