Nanotech Research Interest Group

Nanotechnology in biology and medicine involves the fabrication and use of constructs, devices and systems that may have novel functions because of their nanoscale size; the design and fabrication of nanosystems and
nano-structured materials that will effectively detect, image and/or target relevant entities that will benefit biology and medicine.

Vision:  To advance our knowledge in the diverse field of nanotechnology and bring about active research collaborations. We aim to establish lines of communication between multidisciplinary researchers that brings together diverse multidisciplinary fields with common research interests in Nanotechnology, Nanoscience and Nanomedicine both within UNTHSC and outside.

Agenda:  NRIG will plan a regular monthly seminar series with invited speakers who will bring their expertise to bear on the various facets of Nanotechnology. NRIG will also work towards organizing workshops/ training, short courses and an annual conference. Also, NRIG will meet once every two months for project discussions.

It is our belief that NRIG will provide a platform for applied Nanotechnology research to promote awareness, nano-product development, and networking related to nanotechnology leading to scientific collaborations.

This page was last modified on May 6, 2015