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  • Because we are living longer, we need to better understand the diseases of aging and how to treat them. Your participation will aid in this effort.

    Currently Enrolling IAADR Research Studies:

    • NOBLE is a clinical study to evaluate an investigational drug for patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. The study drug may slow the progression of memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but this is not proven yet. Women and men aged 55 – 85 years old with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease may qualify to participate in this study.
    • Genetic and Biomarkers Study of Alzheimer’s disease will help us better understand the causes, presentation and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Participants age 50 and older who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease are needed.
    • Health & Aging Brain Among Latino Elders (HABLE) explores aging among Mexican Americans in Texas.Studying healthy and unhealthy aging in the Mexican American culture will allow us to create better interventions and treatment programs. Participation may include blood draw, medical record review and interview. Current enrollment is limited to men and women age 50 and older.
      • Health & Aging Brain Study is a new research project at UNTHSC to better understand the biological and lifestyle factors that influence memory and thinking as we age. We are making special efforts to find community members with Alzheimer’s disease, memory complaints or diabetes to participate in our research. Participation may include blood draw, medical record review and interview. Current enrollmentis limited to people age 50 and older.

      • UNTHSC Brain Bank is seeking both healthy and demented individuals who are willing to donate their brains after death in order to assist researchers in the battle against dementing illnesses such as Alzheimer’sdisease.

      For more information about IAADR clinical research studies, please contact Kim Brown at 817-735-2694or .

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