Institute for Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Research


The Institute for Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Research has transitioned into the Institute for Healthy Aging.

Furthering our understanding of brain aging and discovering the biological basis, diagnosis, and potential treatment of neurodegenerative diseases is whatthe IAADR is all about. Our innovative training programs enable future professionals to address the oncoming “silver tsunami” of the aging population and the age-related diseases our society will have to tackle.

One particular concern of the aging population is Alzheimer’s disease, which poses a significant challenge to the healthcare system, given its growing prevalence rate and estimated costs. Through continued support and funding, our researchers at the IAADR strive to understand a wide range of factors related to age-related diseases including, but not limited to:

  • The role of hormones (estrogen and testosterone)
  • Oxidative processes
  • Inflammation
  • Head injuries
  • Environmental exposures
  • Diet and exercise
  • Psychiatric conditions (e.g. depression)

Our research teams, dedicated scientists, and practitioners are working towards transitioning current research efforts from bench-top to bedside to the community through translational research practices. As such, we remain active in clinical drug trials and are constantly working to bring new trials to the community. We also partner with private-sector biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the development of treatments for neurodegenerative disorders.

Within the community, we work closely with the local Alzheimer’s Association and support educational and health promotion programs, which encourage healthy aging within our community.



This page was last modified on October 31, 2015