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iLab Core Facility Management Software coming to UNTHSC Research Cores March 1, 2020

Starting March 1, 2020 UNTHSC Core Research Facilities (Department of Lab Animal Medicine, Discovery Centers, Flow Cytometry Facility, Genomics Core Facility, Microscopy Core Facility and Pharmaceutical Analysis Core Lab) will begin using iLab Core Facility Management software. This is an online platform which will streamline the process of scheduling core equipment use, requesting core services and billing for use and services. iLab has been integrated with UNTHSC’s active directory and financial system which means everyone will be able to log in with their EUID and password and will have access to their active chart strings to provide payment information at the time a booking or request is made!
To help make this a smooth transition, trainings have been scheduled for PIs and users in their labs (students, post docs, lab managers etc.). Please plan to attend the training that fits your role in your research lab.
  1. PI training– Wednesday Feb 19, 2020 at 10 am in CBH-230 or via WebEx. PIs will learn how to set up their labs by accepting users into their labs and assigning the chart strings users are allowed to use. Users will not be able to use iLab until this is done. You will also learn how to request access to chart strings that may not auto populate into your labs.
  2. User trainingTuesday Feb 25, 2020 at 11 am in CBH-240 or via WebEx. Users will learn how to navigate the core pages to schedule time on equipment or request services.

If you have any questions, please email