Nicoleta Bugnariu, PT, Ph.D.


Vice Provost, Community Engagement & Service

Professor, Physical Therapy

Research interests: Postural control and motor-function mechanisms

Dr. Nicoleta Bugnariu’s research focusses on the underlying mechanisms controlling sensorimotor function in patients of all ages. In the Human Movement Performance Laboratory at UNTHSC, she conducts studies using human/robot interactions and virtual-reality technology.

Using the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment Network (CAREN) system, Dr. Bugnariu investigates hypotheses related to the control of balance and gait and functional movements. She also utilizes the system to develop new rehabilitation protocols.

Dr. Bugnariu collaborates with a diverse team of researchers and clinicians, including electrical engineers, robotics engineers, audiologists, physicians, and biomedical scientists from numerous universities, hospitals and industry partners.

She serves as a peer and grant reviewer for a number of national and international neuroscience and musculoskeletal rehabilitation journals and belongs to organizations such as the International Society for Posture and Gait Research.

Doctorate Degree, Neuroscience, University of OttawaBachelor of Science, Physical Therapy, University of Ottawa

Postdoctoral Fellowship, McGill University

2013 Forth Worth Health Care Hero, Fort Worth Business Press & Healthpoint Biotherapeutics

Past Member, Research Advisory Council

Past Member, Institutional Review Board

Past Chair, SHP Physical Therapy Research Committee

Past Member, Intellectual Property Advisory Committee


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