Health Status Study

The Health Status Study, headquartered at the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC), is enrolling people without chronic pain throughout the 48 contiguous states (excluding residents of Alaska or Hawaii). Click here to see if you qualify to be a paid research participant.

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The Health Status Study is a companion study to our PRECISION Pain Research Registry. The Health Status Study is seeking people without chronic pain to help the research team learn more about differences between people without chronic pain compared to people with chronic pain.

When compared with information collected in the PRECISION Pain Research Registry, information gathered in the Health Status Study helps the research team:

  • Conduct epidemiological studies
  • Identify personal risk factors for pain
  • Develop and promote pain prevention methods

Our research team is working together with patients, research collaborators, and other agencies to achieve our vision of “a future for all unbounded by pain.”

For more information, contact us at or by phone at 817-735-5410. We look forward to hearing from you.