Flow Cytometry Analysis Software

(Beckman Coulter) can only analyze the data generated from Cytomics FC500 Flow Cytometry Analyzer in the core facility. Please do NOT analyze your data on the computer driving the Cytometer. Users need to transfer LMD files to an analysis workstation by CD, USB disk, external hard drive or web base data backup (request instruction from Sharad Shrestha).

BD FACSDiva v6.0 (BD Biosciences) is available upon request, which can only analyze data collected from BD LSR II Flow Cytometer System in the core facility.

ModFit LT analysis software (Verity Software House) is available upon request.

FlowJo (Tree Star) is able to analyze flow cytometry data acquired from various instruments (Cytomics FC500, BD LSRII and BD Influx). We have two licenses of the software that can be circulated in labs upon request. Learn by tutorial .

There are varieties of free flow cytometry analysis software. WinMDI is the most popular one.

This page was last modified on November 29, 2018