Instrument Operator
Unit User Cost per Unit
Major Internal External
FC 500 Flow Cytometry Analyzer No Hour $20 $25 N/A
FC 500 Flow Cytometry Analyzer Yes Hour $30 $35 $70
 LSRII Flow Cytometry analyzer No  Hour $25 $30 N/A
LSRII Flow Cytometry analyzer Yes Hour $35 $40 $80
Influx Cell Sorter Yes Hour $45 $50 $100
Fluorescence Microscope No/Yes Hour $10 $10 $20
Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) Yes Hour $35 $40 $80
 Live animal imaging  Yes  Hour $45 $50 $100
HemaVet Hematology System  No/Yes Sample $3 $3  $6
FC 500 Flow Cytometry (Training) Yes Hour $50
(1 free)
Assistance with Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Yes 0 0 0
Unlimited Core Instruments annual usage fee:
Major Users $5,000
Non-Major Users $6,000
Unlimited FC 500 Flow Cytometry Analyzer annual usage fee:
Major Users $2,000
Non-Major Users $2,500
Additional 30 minutes will be charged to cell sorting users for
setting up instsrument. Billing is calculated in half hour increments.


Major Users:
Major users contributed to the NIH grant that resulted in the purchase of the FC 500 Flow Cytometer and cell sorter, or they are providing backup service to the facility. As a result, major users will be given preferential scheduling and lower fees

Jerry Simecka
Thomas Yorio
Porunelloor Mathew
Alakananda Basu
James Simpkins
Meharvan Singh
Ladislav Dory
Ganesh Prasana
Rance Berg

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