Olympus AX70 upright microscope with fluorescence and phase contrast optics for immunofluorescence Imaging.

olympus ax70 upright microscope The Fluorescence Microscope is equipped with
Olympus UIS2 Objectives
: 4X/0.16, 10X/0.3, 20X/0.5/ 40X/0.75 and 100X/ oil.
3 fluorescence filters with the new hard surface coatings that are extremely high contrast and virtually eliminate bleed-through.
DAPI(blue) Semrock DAPI-1160A
(Optimized for these fluorophores: DAPI,Alexa Fluor 350, AMCA, BFP, Hoechst, LysoSensor Blue, Marina Blue, Pacific Blue, and sgBFP)
FITC (green) Semrock FITC-3540B
(Optimized for these fluorophores: FITC, CFSE, FAM, Alexa Fluor 488, BODIPY, Calcein, Fluo-4, Mito Tracker Green, Oregon Green, Rhodamine 110, rsGFP 9red-shifted GFP, S65T)
Texas-Red (red) Semrock TXRED-4040B
(Optimized for these fluorophores: Texas-Red, 5-ROX, Alexa Fluor 568&594, Calcium Crimson, Cy3.5, HcRed, and Mito Tracker Red.)
Olympus DP 70 Digital Camera for high resolution imaging.
Image-Pro Plus 5.1 Image analysis Software