Award Management Services

Pre-Award Expenditures

FRST helps prepares requests to the Office of Sponsored Programs to establish pre-award accounts and monitor expenditures until the award is received and accepted.  

Award Initiation

FRST attends the Project Initiation Meeting (PIM) with faculty and the Office of Sponsored Programs to fully understand the terms and conditions of the award. It helps faculty to coordinate paperwork for individuals working on the award, ordering supplies and equipment, and setting up sub-awards.    

Monthly Monitoring of Accounts

FRST reviews financial statements to ensure expenses are reasonable, allocable and allowable on the award.  It ensures charges are on the correct account.  And it reviews expenses to make sure all charges expected to be on the account have been processed.  

Quarterly Meetings

FRST holds monthly meetings with the faculty PI to discuss progress of the award. It discusses any changes to the project that may require sponsor prior approval. And it makes sure that effort is being accurately allocated to the project.    

Annual Reports

FRST assists with annual and final research performance progress reports. It determines if any prior approval requests need to be submitted for no-cost extensions or carry-forward of funds.  


FRST facilitates the closeout process and works with the Office of Sponsored Programs to address any items needed for final financial report.