Olympus 1X70 Nikon Eclipse TE2000-U
Location EAD-552  RES-123
Objectives UPlanApo 10x/0.40,
LCPlanFl 20x/0.40,
LCPlanFl 40x/0.60*,
UPlanApo 40x/1.0* oil,
PlanApo 60x/1.40 oil,
UPlanFl 100x/1.30 oil
PlanFluor 4x/0.13,
PlanFluor 10x/0.30,
PlanFluor ELWD 40x/0.60*,
PlanFluor ELWD 60x/0.70*
Filters Cy5 Ex640/20 DM660dclp Em680/30,
DAPI Ex350/50 DM400dclp Em460/50,
DAPI/PI Ex405/20 DM605 Em645/90,
EthBro Ex535/50 DM565 Em610/75,
Fura 2 Ex340/380 DM400dclp Em510/40,
GFP Ex450/50 DM480lp Em510/50,
HQ:F Ex480/40 DM505lp Em535/50,
HQ:R/Dll Ex545/30 DM570lp Em610/75,
U-MWB Ex475/30 DM500 Em520
UV-2E/C Ex360/40 DM400 Em460/50,
F HQ Ex480/40 DM505   Em535/50,
G-2E/C Ex540/25 DM565lp Em620/60
Potential Fluorophores Alexa Fluor, AMCA, BODIPYl, Cy3, DAPI, DiI, DiO, EGFP, EthBro, FITC, Fluo3, GFP, Hoechst, PI, TRITC
Condensers Ph1, Ph2, Ph3 DIC N1, DIC N2
Phase Contrast and Fluorescence DIC microscope

*= Cover Glass Correction available

An extensive listing of commonly used microscopy fluorophores and their peak absorption and emission wavelengths can be found here to help you determine whether the filter cubes detailed above will suit your fluorescence imaging needs.