Research and Innovation

Research Core Facilities

Genomics Core Facility


UNTHSC Genomics Core Facility (GCF) is well equipped for molecular biology relating to next-generation sequencing and computational genomics. The GCF has extensive genomic sequencing equipment and library preparation automation. The UNTHSC GCF represents a collaborative venture between multiple universities to establish a center for library preparation, genome sequencing, analysis, and interpretation. At the core of the cutting-edge center, an Illumina NextSeq 550 Sequencing instrument delivers a sequencing capacity of up to 120Gb of data in less than 24 hours. This facility also includes technical and administrative staff, along with multiple instruments that automate the processing of biological samples including a 10x Chromium system and an Agilent TapeStation 4200.


Genomics Core

Microscopy Core Facility

UNTHSC Microscopy Core Facility (MCF) provides access to state-of-the-art instruments and expertise to in-house investigators as well as outside researchers in the North Texas area. Staff can train interested users in the use of all equipment or, alternatively, offer imaging on a fee-for-service basis. The MCF occupies 4 rooms housing 3 Zeiss LSM confocal microscopes and a data analysis station located between 2 buildings on the Fort Worth campus.

Microscopy Core

Flow Cytometry Core Facility


UNTHSC Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCF) provides comprehensive instrumentation suite and technical services in support of both cell sorting and analysis on a fee-for-service basis. The resource occupies roughly 900 square feet on the first and basement level of the Research & Education Building. The FCF is administered through the Office of the Vice President for Research in coordination with Research Core under the Division of Research and Innovation. The facility features rooms for cell sorter and analyzers, a workstation room and an imaging room. Currently, the core supports and maintains fluorescence-activated cell sorter, three benchtop cytometers, laser capture microdissection system, fluorescence microscope, veterinary multi-species hematology system, and an optical imaging system.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Core Lab

The UNT System College of Pharmacy (SCP) is fully equipped for cutting edge biomedical research.  The SCP Pharmaceutical Analysis Core Lab is managed by the College of Pharmacy personnel, staffed by a full-time Research Associate, and is a shared-use facility that provides resources that are unique to campus and the surrounding area. The SCP Pharmaceutical Analysis Core Lab engages in the analysis of small molecules, including nanoparticles, to support the early drug discovery and development endeavors of UNTHSC faculty and others through collaboration as well as fee-for-service.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Core Lab

Discovery Centers

The Discovery Centers are two laboratories on the UNTHSC campus that provide lab space and equipment for faculty and students as well as entrepreneurial companies participating in the UNTHSC Acceleration Lab programs.
Discovery Centers


iLab Core Facility Management
Starting March 1, 2020, UNTHSC Core Research Facilities (Discovery Centers, Flow Cytometry Facility, Genomics Core Facility, Microscopy Core Facility, and Pharmaceutical Analysis Core Lab) has begun using iLab Core Facility Management software. This is an online platform that will streamline the process of scheduling core equipment use, requesting core services and billing for use and services. iLab has been integrated with UNTHSC’s active directory and financial system which means everyone will be able to log in with their EUID and password and will have access to their active chart strings to provide payment information at the time of booking or request is made!