Celebrating Research – May 2019

May 13, 2019 • Celebrating Research

Document Title Authors Year Source
Locomotor activity and discriminative stimulus effects of five novel synthetic cathinone analogs in mice and rats Gatch, M.B., Dolan, S.B., Forster, M.J. 2019 Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 199, pp. 50-58.
High seizure load during sensitive periods of development leads to broad shifts in ultrasonic vocalization behavior in neonatal male and female C57BL/6J mice Nolan, S.O., Hodges, S.L., Condon, S.M., (…), Reynolds, C.D., Lugo, J.N. 2019 Epilepsy and Behavior, 95, pp. 26-33.
NADPH Oxidase Mediates Membrane Androgen Receptor-Induced Neurodegeneration Tenkorang, M.A.A., Duong, P., Cunningham, R.L. 2019 Endocrinology, 160(4), pp. 947-963.
Addressing Race, Culture, and Structural Inequality in Medical Education: A Guide for Revising Teaching Cases Krishnan, A., Rabinowitz, M., Ziminsky, A., Scott, S.M., Chretien, K.C. 2019 Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, 94(4), pp. 550-555.
Biomechanical Efficacy of Shear-Reducing Diabetic Insoles: Elaborations on Future Design Criteria Yavuz, M., Ersen, A., Richardson, M., (…), Wukich, D.K., La Fontaine, J. 2019 Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics, 31(2), pp. 82-86.
In Vivo Efficacy of Novel Monobactam LYS228 in Murine Models of Carbapenemase-Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae Infection Weiss, W.J., Pulse, M.E., Nguyen, P., Growcott, E.J. 2019 Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, art. no. e02214-18.
Immunological responses to the relapsing fever spirochete borrelia turicatae in infected rhesus macaques: Implications for pathogenesis and diagnosis Embers, M.E., Krishnavajhala, A., Armstrong, B.A., (…), Hasenkampf, N.R., Lopez, J.E. 2019 Infection and Immunity, 87(4), art. no. e00900.
Selectively Inhibiting the Median Preoptic Nucleus Attenuates Angiotensin II and Hyperosmotic-Induced Drinking Behavior and Vasopressin Release in Adult Male Rats Marciante, A.B., Wang, L.A., Farmer, G.E., Cunningham, J.T. 2019 eNeuro, 6(2).
Preliminary regional landslide susceptibility assessment using limited data Peshevski, I., Jovanovski, M., Abolmasov, B., (…), Haque, U., Nedelkovska, N. 2019 Geologia Croatica, 72(1), pp. 81-92.
Social Determinants of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake: An Assessment of Publicly Available Data Maness, S.B., Thompson, E.L. 2019 Public Health Reports.
Vascular Depression and Cognition in Mexican Americans Johnson, L.A., Large, S.E., Izurieta Munoz, H., Hall, J.R., O’Bryant, S.E. 2019 Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, pp. 68-78.
A genome-wide association study of tramadol metabolism from post-mortem samples Wendt, F.R., Rahikainen, A.-L., King, J.L., Sajantila, A., Budowle, B. 2019 Pharmacogenomics Journal.
Population Pharmacokinetics of Pemetrexed in Adult Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer in Indian Patients Srinivasan, M., Chaturvedula, A., Fossler, M.J., (…), Gota, V., Prabhash, K. 2019 Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.
The effect of a self-efficacy-enhancing intervention on perceived self-efficacy and actual adherence to healthy behaviours among women with gestational diabetes mellitus Al-Hashmi, I., Hodge, F., Nandy, K., Thomas, E., Brecht, M.-L. 2018 Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 18(4), pp. e513-e519.
Letter to the Editor. Reversal of low prealbumin with oral branched-chain amino acids: a simple solution to an expensive problem Dickerman, R., Williamson, J., Bennett, M. 2018 Journal of neurosurgery. Spine, 30(1), pp. 146-147.