Celebrating Research – April 2019

April 25, 2019 • Celebrating Research

New March Publications:

(Identified by and linked to Scopus)

Document title Authors Year Source
A novel serum free primary astrocyte culture method that mimic quiescent astrocyte phenotype Prah, J., Winters, A., Chaudhari, K., (…), Liu, R., Yang, S.-H. 2019 Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 320, pp. 50-63
A pathway-driven predictive model of tramadol pharmacogenetics  Wendt, F.R., Novroski, N.M.M., Rahikainen, A.-L., Sajantila, A., Budowle, B. 2019 European Journal of Human Genetics.
A proteomic signature for dementia with Lewy bodies  O’Bryant, S.E., Ferman, T.J., Zhang, F., (…), Edwards, M., Graff-Radford, N.R. 2019 Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment and Disease Monitoring, 11, pp. 270-276.
Calpain inhibitor MDL28170 improves the transplantation-mediated therapeutic effect of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells following traumatic brain injury Hu, J., Chen, L., Huang, X., (…), Zhuge, Q., Yang, J. 2019 Stem Cell Research and Therapy, 10(1),96
Cardiac structure and function in well-healed burn survivors  Samuel, T.J., Nelson, M.D., Nasirian, A., (…), Sarma, S., Crandall, C.G. 2019 Journal of Burn Care and Research, 40(2), pp. 235-241.
Chronic inhibition of mitochondrial dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase (DLDH) as an approach to managing diabetic oxidative stress  Yang, X., Song, J., Yan, L.-J. 2019 Antioxidants, 8(2), art. no. 32.
Circulating mitochondrial DNA: New indices of type 2 diabetes-related cognitive impairment in Mexican Americans  Silzer, T., Barber, R., Sun, J., (…), O’Bryant, S., Phillips, N. 2019 PLoS ONE, 14(3), art. no. e0213527.
Emergency Medicine Resident Efficiency and Emergency Department Crowding  Kirby, R., Robinson, R.D., Dib, S., (…), Zenarosa, N.R., Wang, H. 2019 AEM Education and Training.
Examining the association between prescription opioid misuse and suicidal behaviors among adolescent high school students in the United States Baiden, P., Graaf, G., Zaami, M., Acolatse, C.K., Adeku, Y. 2019 Journal of Psychiatric Research, 112, pp. 44-51
Head-Eye Coordination of Humanoid Robot with Potential Controller Wijayasinghe, I.B., Das, S.K., Miller, H.L., Bugnariu, N.L., Popa, D.O. 2019 Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems: Theory and Applications, 94(1), pp. 15-27
Human papillomavirus risk perceptions and relationship status: a barrier to HPV vaccination? Thompson, E.L., Vamos, C.A., Piepenbrink, R., (…), Matthes, S., Daley, E.M. 2019 Journal of Behavioral Medicine
Impact of a low-cost simulated electronic medical record on perceptions of APPE readiness Gibson, C.M., Kwon, H.I., Tatachar, A. 2019 Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
Inline flow sensor for ventriculoperitoneal shunts: Experimental evaluation in swine Qin, C., Olivencia-Yurvati, A.H., Williams, A.G., (…), Mallet, R.T., Dasgupta, P.K. 2019 Medical Engineering and Physics
Novel Chitohexaose Analog Protects Young and Aged mice from CLP Induced Polymicrobial Sepsis  Das, P., Panda, S.K., Agarwal, B., (…), Bhandari, V., Acharya, S. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 2904.
Protective Behavioral Strategies Scale-20: Psychometric properties of a French and German version among young males in Switzerland  Grazioli, V.S., Studer, J., Larimer, M.E., (…), Daeppen, J.-B., Gmel, G. 2019 International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, art. no. e1777.
Supplementation with N-acetyl cysteine affects motor and cognitive function in young but not old mice  Ikonne, U.S., Vann, P.H., Wong, J.M., Forster, M.J., Sumien, N. 2019 Journal of Nutrition, 149(3), pp. 463-470.
The effects of a single session of chiropractic care on strength, cortical drive, and spinal excitability in stroke patients  Holt, K., Niazi, I.K., Nedergaard, R.W., (…), Turker, K.S., Haavik, H. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 2673.
The enigmatic protein kinase C-eta  Basu, A. 2019 Cancers, 11(2), art. no. 214.
The role of miRNAs in Drosophila melanogaster male courtship behavior  Iftikhar, H., Johnson, N.L., Marlatt, M.L., Carney, G.E. 2019 Genetics, 211(3), pp. 925-942.
What happens to agreement over time? A longitudinal study of self-reported substance use compared to saliva toxicological testing among subsidized housing residents Rendon, A., Mun, E.-Y., Spence-Almaguer, E., Walters, S. 2019 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 101, pp. 12-17