Post-approval monitoring

Semiannual IACUC Inspections


In order to comply with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act Regulations (AWR’s) in §2.31(c)(2) and the PHS Policy in IV.B.2., the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee conducts inspections of all UNTHSC animal facilities every 5-6 months to evaluate compliance with current federal, state, and local regulations and IACUC policies.

Study Areas

Definition: Any investigator-managed building, room, area, enclosure, or other containment site in which animals are housed for periods longer than 12 hours.

Survival Surgery Areas

Definition: Any investigator-managed building, room, or area where survival surgeries are performed on animals.

IACUC Post Approval Audits

A continuing program to audit approved animal use protocols is an essential component of a comprehensive Animal Care and Use program. Such a program provides an excellent method of ensuring institutional regulatory compliance by allowing a more thorough inspection of individual labs and animal related procedures. Post approval monitoring also gives the investigator the opportunity to discuss concerns and/or changes needed in active protocols.