Hazlewood and Hazlewood Legacy

What charges are covered by Hazlewood benefits?

  • The Hazlewood Act exempts qualified veterans and dependents from all tuition and fee charges, except property deposit fees and student services fees. Charges for continuing education classes are not covered in most cases.

What charges are not covered?

  • Books, supplies, and living expenses are not exempted.

Is there a limit to the number of semesters or years a Texas veteran can receive the Hazlewood Exemption?

  • No. However, there is a limit to the number of credit hours that may be exempted by the program. The exemption will cover up to 150 semester credit hours. This limit is not per institution, but is a cumulative total per eligible participant.

If the veteran is now a Texas resident but was not a resident at the time of entering the service, can he/she qualify for Hazlewood Act benefits?

  • No. The veteran must have been a resident at the time of entry into service.

Can veterans who are concurrently enrolled in more than one college (in the same term or semester) receive Hazlewood benefits?

  • Yes. But each college and university granting Hazlewood Act benefits must document the veteran’s eligibility and must observe the 150-hour limit.

Can a reservist qualify to receive Hazlewood benefits?

  • Maybe. If the reservist has been called to active duty, has served at least 181 days on active duty, and has met all other requirements, he/she can receive the Hazlewood Exemption.

If a child to whom unused hours have been assigned fails to use all available hours, can the veteran assign the remaining hours to another child?

  • Yes, a veteran may re-assign the unused hours that are available to another dependent child.

Can a veteran who has transferred unused hours to a dependent child change his/her mind and take the hours back?

  • Yes, but hours which have already been exempted may not be reclaimed.

Must the child start using the hours before he/she turns 26, or does eligibility to use the exemption end when he/she turns 26?

  • The statute indicates “to be eligible to receive an exemption… the child must be 25 years of age or younger on the 1st day of the semester.” If the child is 26 as of the first day of the semester/term, he/she loses eligibility for any remaining assigned hours.

If a child qualifies for Hazlewood as a child of a disabled veteran AND qualifies to receive a transfer of unused Hazlewood hours, would the child be eligible for 150 hours of the exemption, or for 300 hours of exemption?

  • No individual is permitted to receive more than 150 semester credit hours of the Hazlewood Exemption.

This page was last modified on April 10, 2019