Office of the Provost

The Pulse, September 2018

One area that rang loud and clear in my “listening sessions” across campus was the need for ongoing, transparent communications throughout the Health Science Center.  In response to your feedback, we have created “The Pulse,” a resource to provide you with regular updates from the Office of the Provost.  We also have other academic communications initiatives being developed so stay tuned as there are more great things headed your way!

Following are the updates on our Deans’ Searches:

Graduate Studies of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS)

  • The Search Committee has completed two rounds of interviews.
  • We have sent out “save the dates” for on-campus interviews the following weeks: October 14-16, October 21-23, October 28-30 and October 30 – November 1.
  • The plan is to announce a new Dean by early November.

School of Health Professions (SHP)

  • Our outside search firm received approximately 35-40 applications.
  • The Search Committee is now vetting all the applicants with the first round of Skype interviews to be completed by the end of September.
  • The plan is to announce a new Dean by the end of November.

Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (TCOM)

  • The Search Committee is scheduling “interest group” meetings on campus to assist in calibrating the profile of our ideal candidate.
  • The outside search firm is continuing to recruit an initial pool of applicants.

System College of Pharmacy (SCP)

  • The Search Committee has been selected and their initial “launch meeting” is scheduled for early October.


If you have questions or comments regarding the Deans’ searches or other topics you would like to see addressed in “The Pulse,” please send via email to