Recently Approved HSC Faculty Policies and Bylaws

Published: May 30, 2019

I am pleased to share our recently approved HSC Faculty Policies and Bylaws. This was definitely a team effort and I am incredibly proud of the collaborative, thoughtful deliberation as well as the time, energy and effort put forth to achieve this important milestone.

I want to thank our Faculty for your significant contributions in the process of reviewing and revising these policies.  Many of you attended open forums, submitted extensive written feedback, and actively engaged in dialogue with the Faculty Senate and within your respective schools and colleges.

Please note all these policies become effective June 1, 2019 so I encourage you to read through them via the links below at your earliest convenience.

6.001 – Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility

6.002- Faculty Appointment, Reappointment and Probationary Period

6.003 – Faculty Tenure and Promotion 

6.004 – Evaluation of Tenured Faculty

6.005 – Faculty Discipline and Termination

6.006 – Faculty Grievance and Appeal

6.100 – Discontinuance of Academic Programs

6.108 Salary Administration – Faculty

6.200 – Financial Exigency

2019 Faculty Bylaws