Frequently Asked Questions (2022 – 2023 Parking Fees)

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When will parking permits be available?
General faculty, staff and student permits will go on sale at 7 a.m. Sept. 1, 2022. Premium permits (Lot 6 and Garage 4) will go on sale at 5 a.m. Sept. 7, 2022.

How much will our parking fees be for the next five years?
Please see this five-year fee schedule. Rates are subject to change.

Will I get a new permit?
Yes, we have a new annual permit design. Your previous year’s permit should be removed and discarded.

Who determined the new fees?
The new fee schedule was created by a task force with members from the President’s Built Environment Council, the President’s Finance and Budget Council, HSC Police and the Campus Master Plan group. They gathered extensive input from faculty, staff and students during the master planning process.

Why are parking fees increasing?
To fund facilities to accommodate projected growth in all our programs, including:

• Improved technology and security.
• Increased parking facility maintenance needs.

State funds cannot be used to construct or maintain parking facilities. We have been fortunate in recent years to have acquired additional parking facilities from the former hospital where the MET building now is located. But now it is time to invest in additional facilities.

Debt service on the $6 million parking deck addition will cost $400,000 a year. About half the cost will be covered by the additional revenue generated from the new parking fees, with the remaining portion funded by revenue generated from leasing some of our parking space to the City of Fort Worth during the annual Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo (during nonbusiness hours).

If I buy a permit for premium surface Lot 6, will I be able to park in any of the parking garages?
Yes, Lot 6 permit holders will be able to park in garages 5 & 9.

If I buy a permit for garage parking, will I still be able to park in a surface lot?
Yes. You may park in surface lots 7, 8, 11 and 19.

What if I buy a surface lot permit, and there are no surface lot spaces available?
Please contact the Parking Office at 817-735-2211 or Police Dispatch at 817-735-2210.

What changes have been made to parking in Garage 4 and Lot 6?
Garage 4 and Lot 6 have been designated as “premium” parking facilities, and they have the highest rates.

• Garage 4 will not be oversold.
• Lot 6 will be oversold by 15 spaces.
• Every campus community member will be able to purchase permits for Garage 4 and Lot 6 on a first-come, first-served basis, including current permit holders.
• Waiting lists will be used to sign up for “premium” parking facilities once they are sold out.

If I purchased a 2021-2022 premium parking permit for Garage 4 or Lot 6, will I be able to keep the premium permit for 2022-2023?
No, all premium parking permits will continue to be sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the beginning of each annual parking cycle.

How do our fees compare with similar organizations?

• Our rates still are among the lowest in the state; please see this comparison.
• Most organizations charge 50 percent more for garage vs. surface parking; we are charging about one-third more.

How does the availability of parking at HSC compare with others?
The industry standard is to have parking available for 36 percent of the user population at any given time. We have enough spaces for 46 percent at any given time, more than the industry standard.

Can I purchase a monthly permit?
Effective Sept. 1, 2022, monthly permits will not be available. The monthly rate equals the cost of the annual permit for students and employees.

Is parking available at any remote lots?
HSC will not be selling permits to any remote parking lots. Most of these lots either exclude parking during the Fort Worth Stock Show or cost $50 per space per month (or more).

How much will vendors, contractors and others who are not HSC employees pay?
They will pay $800 per garage space annually, $600 per surface space or $5 per day.

Will day passes be available?
Yes, they will be available at the current price of $5 a day for a general surface day pass or $9 for a premium surface day pass. In addition, the ParkMobile app is available.

Can I pay my parking fee monthly if the entire amount is a hardship? Monthly payroll deduction is available for faculty and staff members.

With my accessibility hang tag or license plate, where can I use an accessible space? Does it need to be in the lot or garage that corresponds to my HSC parking permit?
You may park in the accessible spaces that correspond to the lot or garage for your permit.

Where can I find accessible parking near the CBH building?
The closest accessible parking is in Garage 5, see map.