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Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology

HSC Health Dermatology offers comprehensive dermatologic care, working with our patients to craft customized treatment plans to find solutions for great skin! We perform diagnosis & treatment of a wide range of skin conditions including:

  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Rashes, dry skin, and eczema
  • Mole removal
  • Psoriasis
  • Sun Spots
  • Hair loss (alopecia)

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1 in 5 individuals are likely to have skin cancer, which is why as skin cancer specialists, we take prevention and screenings seriously.



Neuromodulators like Xoemin, Dysport, and Botox, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and a proper skincare routine can leave your skin healthier than ever.



As pediatric dermatologists in Fort Worth, we address everything from teen acne to childhood rashes. Our goal is to help your child feel comfortable in their own skin.



If a cancerous or benign skin lesion is identified, we can perform surgical removal in-office.


Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT)

SRT is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for basal and squamous cell skin cancer with limited discomfort, no cutting and stitches, and little to no scarring.

HSC Health Dermatologists in Fort Worth, TX

At HSC Health, we offer general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology near Fort Worth for all ages and skin types. 

The cure rate for skin cancer can be as high as 99% with early detection.

That’s why we specialize in skin cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. We also offer treatment plans and aesthetic procedures to reduce signs of aging and help patients manage problematic skin conditions like rosacea and eczema. 

Discover clear skin with expert clinical care at HSC Health.





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Find a Dermatologist in 3 Easy Steps

1. Call 817-735-7625

We’ll help you find an appointment time with a doctor who is in-network.

2. Create a Treatment Plan

We’ll identify your areas of concern so they can be diagnosed and treated.

3. Have Confidence with Great Skin

Finding a care routine that works for you can help you love your skin for a lifetime.





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Our Patients Are Saying…

I have complete confidence in Dr. Weis with my dermatology concerns.

Dr. Weis is a great dermatologist and is always informative and professional, leaving me & my family without doubt on anything we inquire.

The doctor was very good to me. I like Dr. Carletti, and I recommend him to all my friends. He’s a very good doctor and I enjoy him taking care of me. Thank you for everything.

As always Dr Carletti took total care of me. Not only did he take care of my skin cancer problems he advised me on another non-related problem. Totally satisfied!

Board Certified Dermatologists

Dermatologist Stephen WeisStephen Weis, DO

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Dermatologist Michael CarlettiMichael Carletti, DO

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Dermatology Frequently Asked Questions

HSC Health accepts most major insurance plans. If you have questions about which visit types are covered by your insurance, call our office at 817-725-7625.

HSC Health offers many avenues of treatment for acne that can clear breakouts with minimal risk of scarring. Your dermatologist will work with you to create a skincare routine to wash your face regularly. Avoid touching acne-prone skin. If cleansing and over-the-counter topical treatments aren’t effective, prescription creams and prescription medications like Accutane may be prescribed. 

Monitoring your skin and becoming familiar with your freckles, moles, and sun spots will help you notice when something is new or different. It is recommended that you do a quick skin check every month, looking for changes in size, shape, or color of these spots. Warning signs can include:

  • Appearance of a new bump
  • Red & scaly 
  • Pink & pearly bumps or skin spots
  • Oozing
  • Bleeding
  • Spreading of pigmentation (color) from the border of a mole
  • Itchiness, tenderness, or pain
  • A non-healing wound


If you notice any of these changes, contact your dermatologist.

Anyone can get skin cancer, but certain factors put individuals at a higher risk, including:

  • Blonde or red hair
  • Green or blue eyes
  • Skin that burns or freckles easily
  • Prolonged sun exposure for work or play
  • Sunburns, especially at an early age
  • A family history of skin cancer

Dermatology Clinic Near Downtown Fort Worth, Texas

In addition to dermatology, HSC Health offers primary care for all ages, acute care, and multi-specialty medicine. To improve the health and appearance of your skin, call 817-735-7625 to schedule an appointment.


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