Medical Records

While your healthcare record is legally the property of your healthcare provider, the information contained within it belongs to you!  You have a right to make sure it is complete, up-to-date, and accurate. Your medical record is the primary way your healthcare providers communicate regarding your care and ensure your constant and consistent treatment. It also serves as a legal document describing your care to your health insurance company.  Knowing what is in your medical record increases awareness and understanding of your health status, enables you to have better conversations with your care providers, and lets you take a more involved role in your treatment decisions.

Federal laws protect the privacy of your medical information. They also allow you to review, request changes to, and obtain copies of medical documents collected and kept about you. The University of North Texas Health Science Center encourages you to become an important part of your own healthcare team by ensuring the accuracy of your record. By following the appropriate steps to inspect or obtain a copy of your record, you can help ensure that your healthcare providers have the accurate information to continue to provide excellent treatment and care to ensure your good health!

To get a copy of your records:

  • Contact HSC Health Medical Records Department by phone at 817-735-2185, by fax at 817-735-0210 or email at
  • To inspect your medical record with an HIM specialist, schedule an appointment. Our staff must remain with the medical record and with you while you review the information.
  • To allow HSC Health to release a copy of your medical record, you will need to sign an Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information form. To allow HSC Health to request a copy of your medical record, you will need to sign and Authorization to Receive Protected Health Information form. You will need to present a valid form of identification when submitting your request.
  • You will be given information regarding our fees and the time frame for receiving your copy of the records upon receipt of your request.
  • To request a change to your record, you must complete a Medical Record Amendment Request form. Upon your completion of this form, your healthcare provider has 30 days to respond.  Understand that the provider is not required to make your requested change, but will review your request and respond in accordance with applicable laws.

Authorization To Disclose Protected Health Information (English)(Spanish)

Authorization To Receive Protected Health Information (English)(Spanish)

Medical Records Fee Schedule


If you require further information, contact HSC Health Medical Records Department via phone at
817-735-2185 or via e-mail at