TCOM Stethoscope Donors

In July, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine welcomed 230 incoming students with a brand new Littman Cardiology IV stethoscope, each engraved with both their name and the sponsoring donor’s name or special message. Our students were so moved by their generous and unexpected gift that they each took the time to write a heartfelt thank you note to their sponsoring donor to express their sincere gratitude. What an ideal way to invest in our new students as they embark on their TCOM journey!

We have already begun receiving gifts to sponsor stethoscopes for next year’s incoming class of 2022 and hope we can count on your support. Our goal is to once again provide stethoscopes to 230 students and we simply cannot do this without you. For $250 we will match you with a student of your choice. The tubing of the stethoscopes is inscribed with the student’s name, and the bell can be inscribed with either your name, or one of the inspirational sayings listed below.

All funds that remain after covering the cost of the stethoscopes will be used exclusively for TCOM scholarships. Please consider sponsoring a stethoscope today and thank you! 




Alumni Shield_TCOM

Thank you to our Stethoscope Donors For the Class of 2021 (entering Fall 2017):

Dr. Helen M. Alphonso Dr. David D. Davila Dr. Deanna O. Haller Dr. Janice A. Knebl & Dr. Tom Fairchild Mr. & Mrs. George Pepper  Dr. Reagan E. Tipton
American Muslim Women Physicians Association (AMWPA) Dr. Morvarid N. DeFelice Dr. Ann A. Hathcock Dr. Christopher K. Knitig Dr. Randall C. Perkins Dr. Samuel R. Tredemeyer
Dr. Max A. Arnett Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DeWoody Dr. Cynthia J. Henry Dr. Diana L. Koenig Dr. Don N. Peska Dr. Christine J. Vidouria
Dr. Jon T. Beezley Dr. Maynard C. Dyson Dr. Marie A. Holliday Dr. Nancy S. Koughan Dr. Carl A. Piel, Jr. Dr. Russell A. Wagner
Dr. Teresa J. Bobo Dr. David J. Eckberg Mr. & Mrs. Allan Howeth Dr. Beatrice Kutzler Michele & Fred Reynolds Dr. Brent W. Walker
Dr. William P. Bowman Dr. James H. Elder, III Dr. Amy E. Huggins Dr. Melanie H. Lagomichos Dr. Karen J. Romero Dr. Lisa M. Ward
Jayson and Patrice Buffkin Dr. Edward E. Elko Dr. John T. James Dr. Victorija D. Laucius Dr. Jeri K. Rose Dr. Lori Wasson
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Campbell Dr. Vernon Ellis Col. Monica L. Johnson, D.O. Mr. Dan Lowrance Dr. Jeremy W. Russell Dr. Cliff J. Whigham, Jr.
Carrington Mason Family LTD Partnership Mr. & Mrs. Bob Ferguson Dr. Audrey L. Jones Dr. Lisa R. Nash Dr. Artur Schander Mr. & Mrs. Doug White
Dr. Ricardo Castillo Freese and Nichols, Inc. JPMorgan Chase Dr. Howard H. Nguyen Dr. Suzanne M. Shafer Dr. Albert H. Yurvati
Dr. Wilson S. Chen Mr. & Mrs. Arnie Gachman Dr. James M. Kahn Dr. Ambesi M. Ngwa Dr. & Mrs. Scott Stoll Dr. Jocelyn V. Zee
Dr. Tilden L. Childs, III Dr. David E. Garza Dr. Rehana M. Kauser Carol & KK Noel Dr. Thanh H. Taylor
Citi Med, PA Dr. David L. Grice Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kerrigan Dr. Tracy E. Papa Dr. Manuel Tellez, III
Dr. Tri D. Dang Dr. Charles R. Hall Dr. Thomas M. Kleuser Dr. Dhiren D. Patel Dr. William A. Thomas, Jr.


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