Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau 7.15.15

As part of our ongoing effort to help educate the community on today’s important medical, health and research topics, UNTHSC has instituted a Speakers Bureau program available to you and your organization.  This is a community outreach service made possible by our physicians, researchers, and health care professionals who teach, conduct research, study and work at UNTHSC.

Many areas of expertise are offered, including:

  • Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease – Current research and new treatment options.
  • Forensics and Genetics – DNA technologies utilized in our Center for Human Identification and comparison of forensic DNA evidence for violent-crime investigations.
  • Osteopathic Manipulation – Musculoskeletal function and its role in human performance.
  • New agents for cancer treatment – The science of nanoparticles.
  • Understanding the complexities of health disparities – Improved community health.

We train tomorrow’s health care providers and our researchers push the boundaries of discovery. Our team is extraordinary!

Requests for a speaker is just a click away:

Speaker Bureau Form