What UNTHSC is Doing

what we are doing

UNTHSC has an opportunity to be a leader in campus sustainability amongst graduate institutions and beyond. A more sustainable campus means undertaking organized and strategic initiatives in order to accomplish our goal of improving the environmental, social, and economic performance of the university.


Energy Efficiency  light bulb
For over a decade, UNTHSC has been making aggressive moves towards operating the campus more efficient and thereby saving millions of dollars in the process.


Water Conservation  water drop
UNTHSC is committed to adopting water conservation practices and making our campus more water efficient.


Waste & Recycling recycle
Receptacles are located throughout campus for trash and co-mingled recycling. We are committed to consuming less and diverting waste from landfills.


We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the use of eco-friendly transportation, carpooling, and public transportation.


For all new and existing structures, UNTHSC is committed to incorporate eco-friendly strategies in the design and construction processes.


Purchasinglight bulb
We strive to lead by example by incorporating sustainable practices in our own business operations and purchasing of goods and services.


Partnershipslight bulb
UNTHSC is engaging leaders throughout the university and community to partner with us towards achieving sustainable goals.