UNTHSC Community Garden Mission & Goals

insideThe UNT Health Science Center is committed to create solutions for a healthier community, and the purpose of the community garden is to support the overall mission and vision of the university. Specifically the garden’s mission is to enhance university and community engagement, promote sustainable food production, and educate on health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, and organic gardening techniques.

Specifically the garden’s goals are to to:

  • Promote Health and Nutrition – The garden provides opportunities for our gardeners and visitors to participate in activities that promote health through good nutrition and physical activity.
  • Provide Educational Opportunities – The community garden offers both hands-on and classroom settings for educating our campus on health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, and organic gardening.
  • Enhance Community Engagement – By donating a portion (at least 25%) of the yield, we are building community relations and serving our local community. In addition, 20% of the plots are to be reserved for community members thus fostering positive university and community relations.
  • Team Build – The garden creates an environment for people to interact and work alongside others they may not normally engage with. This enhances a sense of community on campus through team building and working towards a common goal.
  • Be Stewards of the Environment – The garden incorporates environmentally sustainable gardening practices and supports our university’s overall sustainability goals.

This page was last modified on May 12, 2016