Sustainability Liaison

Do you care about UNTHSC’s environmental impact?  Want to let other students know what sustainable practices happening around campus?  The Office of Sustainability is looking for students to serve as Sustainability Liaisons to their peer groups and fellow students.  Liaisons will serve as a conduit of information between the Office of Sustainability and the different colleges on campus.  All liaisons will meet together with the Office of Sustainability twice during each of the fall and spring semesters.  In the meetings, we’ll share ideas, learn tips that we can apply at school and at home, and discuss how to reach out to the campus community.  Contact the Office of Sustainability if you are interested or would like more information.

Sustainability Committee

The Office of Sustainability established a new committee called the Sustainability Committee in the fall of 2012.  The committee is comprised of faculty,
staff, and students and is therefore a representation of the campus community.  Its purpose is to:

  • Plan and promote sustainability initiatives on campus
  • Review sustainability documents and efforts of the Office of Sustainability
  • Vote on sustainability initiatives on campus
  • Offer suggestions to the Office of Sustainability
  • Enhance awareness and education of sustainability on campus

If you are a student interested in serving on the committee, contact your student government to be appointed.  Student governments will appoint 1-3 people from each college to serve on the committee.