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BottlerenderVirtual HSC Earth Day Celebration

HSC Sustainability hosted a Virtual Earth Day Celebration in April 2021 with live events, the Healthy You, Healthy Planet Food Challenge, and on-demand videos on various topics.  Because most of the videos are still available, HSC Employees and students can still participate and receive a FREE HSC insulated water bottle/coffee mug!  Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Download the Earth Day Form.  Watch 5 videos and note any takeaways in the space provided on the form.  Videos are linked on the form (click on the titles) or you can find the links below.  Please note, the Healthy You, Healthy Planet Food Challenge and Kiss the Ground Movie Club are not available. 
  2. Email the completed form to sustainability@unthsc.edu at your convenience.  We will give you directions on picking up your water bottle.  This will be available as long as supplies last.  

In keeping with our goal to purchase products better for us and better for the planet, these water bottles were manufactured from a Certified B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified company.   Contact us if you have any questions.

VIRTUAL LIVE SESSIONS (open to the community)

Sustainable Menstruation

April 13th at Noon via Zoom

A conversation on the environmental, cultural, health, and financial impacts of menstruation and actions we can take.  The recording is available HERE.  

Cooking 101: Learn basic cooking skills to reduce your impact and eat healthier

April 21st at noon 

Learning basic cooking skills can help people decrease their consumption of processed food which has positive health and environmental impacts.  This live session will feature a cooking demonstration from Blue Zones with an emphasis on plant-based eating.  The recording is available HERE.

Greening Your Closet - Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

April 22nd at 7pm via Zoom

Learn how to make your wardrobe more sustainable with Lori Palumbo, Director of Social Enterprise for the Center for Transforming Lives.  The recording is available HERE.

CcWhy Should Health Care Professionals Care About Climate Change?  A Conversation with Health Care Without Harm

April 27th at Noon via Zoom

Dr. Amy Collins, a practicing emergency medicine physician, health care sustainability professional, and senior clinical advisor for Health Care Without Harm will share why health care professionals should care about climate change.  The recording is available HERE.  

Movie Club - Kiss the Ground

April 28th at 3pm via Zoom

Join us for a fun and interactive discussion on the documentary film Kiss the Ground.  If you cannot make this time/date, proceed with registration and we'll schedule more times if needed.  The film is available on Netflix or Vimeo (rental fee $1), and its duration is 1 hour and 25 minutes.  During this informal "Movie Club" virtual meeting, we'll discuss key takeaways particularly as they relate to public and environmental health. 

This event has passed and was not recorded.  


3aHSC Sustainability and Lifestyle Health Sciences are partnering up to offer the Healthy You, Healthy Planet Food Challenge.  The challenge runs from April 12-30, but you can join now through April 26th.  The challenge will include 3 options so you can start where you are and take your food choices to the next level for a healthier you and healthier planet.  Anyone whether affiliated with HSC or not can participate!

Details of the challenge:

  • Weekly Emails: Each week for 3 weeks, you'll receive an email with your challenge that week and information to help you along the way.  Information on how your food choices affect your health and the environment will be included.  The weekly topics include:
    • Healthy & Sustainable Choices From Your Starting Point
    • Eating Greener
    • Plant Powered Protein
  • Weekly Check-ins (optional):  Each week, Debbie Gillespie, Assistant Professor in the Department of Lifestyle Sciences, and Sandy Bauman, Sustainability Coordinator, will expand on the week's topic through a 30 minute zoom call with participants of the challenge.  We'll go deeper into the material and answer questions.  The check-ins are scheduled as follows (calls will be recorded for later viewing):
    • April 14th at noon via zoom
    • April 20th at noon via zoom
    • April 29th at noon via zoom
  • Social Media: We encourage you to post your actions on social media using #HSCearthdaychallenge and tag us @sustainableUNTHSC on Facebook and Instagram.  If you do, we'll give you a FREE reusable travel cutlery set (sets available for HSC employees or students only).  

This event has passed and is not currently available.  


Food & Gardening

Lifestyle, Health, & Kids

  • Sustainability in the Kitchen - What we eat and how we buy, eat, and store our food affects our own health and the health of the planet.  Learn ways you can be more sustainable with your food. (10min)
  • Practicing Sustainability with Kids - Learn easy ways you can practice sustainability with your kids in this quick video. (10min)
  • Impacts of Climate Change - This animated video covers the basics about climate change, how it affects our health and the environment, and what we can do.  (8min)

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle


  • 10 Tips from YOUR Sustainability Committee - HSC's Sustainability Committee was established in 2012.  Here representatives from the committee give 10 tips on how to be more sustainable.  (5min)
  • Sustainability in Our Labs - The Lab Efficiency Action Program (LEAP) encourages labs to be more sustainable.  Learn about the program and hear from researchers across campus.  (4min)
  • Coming Back to Campus the Sustainable Way - As HSC moves toward being more in person from the pandemic, why not come back in a better, more efficient and sustainable way?  Learn 10 tips for coming back to campus the sustainable way.  (8min)



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