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Free Electronic Waste Recycling

044As a service to our campus and community, we are offering FREE Electronic Waste Recycling as part of our event this year.  You can drop off items between 11am to 2pm on April 20th at the west loading dock of the Medical Education& Training (MET) Building located at 1000 Montgomery St. Fort Worth, TX.  See list of accepted items here.  We will not store or accept items before or after that time.  One lucky donor will receive a $50 gift card for participating!  This is a service we aim to offer every other year.  The previous years this was available was 2013 and 2015.  

Our vendor is United Electronic Recycling, and they provide a high level of data security to Department of Defense Level 3 Data Erasure Standard.  See more details here.  If you have questions about what is accepted or security measures, please call 855-837-8326 or 817-735-2451.

Why recycle electronics?  Electronics and associated items are made from valuable resources and materials such as metals.  Recycling these products helps to conserve natural resources and reuse valuable resources. In addition, recycling them helps to preserve our air and water quality from hazardous disposal and reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions due to the manufacturing of new electronics.  Protect human and environmental health by recycling your items responsibly during this event.




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Cooking Demonstrations & Samples

Because the food choices we make have impacts on our environment, we’ll be having 2 cooking demonstrations with samples, prizes, and giveaways.  Food can be good for us AND good for the planet!  Click here to see a summary on food and the environment.  Samples will be served in eco-friendly, compostable bowls made from 100% renewable materials.

FitWorth  – 11:15am (~30 minutes) in MET 124 – RSVP NOW

FitWorth is an “active campaign designed to create a culture of wellness through physical activity and mindful eating”. At our event, one of their chefs will do a quick FitWorth-Logorecipe demonstration of a dish that is good for you and is good for the environment.  You’ll get a new healthy recipe while learning ways to make food choices that minimize your environmental impact.  Participants are welcome to take a food sample and will receive a reusable cutlery set.  The first 25 attendees will receive a FitWorth Water Bottle, and one lucky attendee will receive a $25 gift card.

Click here to RSVP for the FitWorth Cooking Demonstration!


Blue Zones Project – 12:15pm (~30 minutes) in MET 125

Blue Zones Project is a “community-wide well-being improvement initiative to help make healthy choices in Fort Worth”.  At our event, one of their chefs will do indexa quick recipe demonstration of a dish that is good for you and is good for the environment.  You’ll get a new healthy recipe while learning ways to make food choices that minimize your environmental impact.  Participants are welcome to take a food sample and will receive a reusable cutlery set. Blue Zones Project will also be doing a drawing giveaway for a food processor and a Fit Bit Blaze. Learn more about Blue Zones Project here.

Click here to RSVP for the Blue Zones Cooking Demonstration!




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Coffee Experience – Every 15 minutes Starting at 11am

indexLook in any break room or in any travel mug on campus, you’ll find people on campus drinking coffee.  There’s not doubt that coffee is a big part of many people’s day, so this Coffee Experience brings attention to the environmental, social, and economic impacts of coffee.  From our local roasters to where the coffee beans are grown, you’ll learn about the story of coffee while getting to take a cup with you.  Coffee Experiences will run every 15 minutes starting at 11am and going through 2pm on the day of the event (the experience takes about 10 minutes).  No RSVP is needed but space is limited, so be on time and get ready for a great, local cup of joe from Cuppa Coffee, a local roaster in town catered by Coffee : Experience.  Location of the Coffee Experience is yet to be determined.  Check back for more details soon.

Coffee will be served in eco-friendly, compostable cups made from 100% renewable materials.


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Organic Gardening Class About Insects  – at the UNTHSC Community Gardenimg_1742-2

From 12:30 to 1pm, the Tarrant County Master Gardeners will be hosting a class on insects, the good and the bad bugs, at the UNTHSC Community Garden.  The class will last approximately 30 minutes, and volunteers will be available to walk people from the MET’s south entrance to the garden (about a 5 minute walk).  Participants will receive a miniature planter with seeds, and all are welcome to tour the garden while there.  Learn more about the UNTHSC Community Garden here.


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Upcycled/Repurposed Photo Contest



Submit the Upcycled/Repurposed Form Here


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Upcycle Demonstration – Turn a T-shirt Into a Bag

BeFunky CollageIn an effort to make the event more interactive, we are offering a chance to learn how to upcycle t-shirts.  There will be 6 mini-classes offered at:

  • 11am
  • 11:30am
  • 12pm
  • 12:30pm
  • 1pm
  • 1:30pm

Each class will take approximately 20 minutes, and you can bring your own t-shirt or we have some for you to use.  A teacher will walk you through the process step by step.  Location of the Upcycle Demonstration is in MET 119 (first floor).  Walk-ins welcome if there is room.

Click HERE to register for the Upcycle Demo.


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Eco-Friendly Light Lunch018

A light lunch will be served (first come, first serve) on food boats made with 100% renewable resources and paper napkins made from 100% recycled materials.  Below are more specifics:

  • Bring a reusable bottle to the event for a drink (no cups will be available).  We want to create a culture on campus where people bring their own reusable cup rather than consuming single use cups or bottled water.
  • Vegetarian and meat options will be served.  
  • You must visit at least 3 activities/booths before you can get food and drinks.  See the information table at the event for more details.

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Giveaways & Prizes

20170217_135645_resizedGiveaways and prizes are available throughout the event.  Every person who visits the information table will receive a FREE reusable insulated lunch tote (while supplies last).  Other potential prizes and giveaways include:

  • Enter the Upcycled Photo Contest for the chance to win one of 3 gift cards ($75, $50, and $25).
  • Bring something to recycle at the FREE Electronic Waste Recycling.  One donor will get a $50 gift card.
  • Prizes for participants at the Food Demonstrations.  Register for a drawing prize at the event.  Also, every one gets a reusable cutlery set.
  • Get a local cup of coffee at the Coffee Experience.  They run every 15 minutes from 11am to 2pm.  Space is limited!
  • Receive a mini-planter by attending the organic gardening class about insects at the community garden at 12:30am.
  • Get 6 stamps on the Think Green Passport (given at the information tables), and you’ll be entered to win one of these prizes:


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Information Booths

earth dayBooths to inspire and educate you to “Think Green” will be located in MET 109-111 and lobby at the Earth Day Event.  WATCH THE VIDEO FROM 2013.  From composting and gardening to electronic waste management to signing up to be an organ donor, you will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics.  See below for a list of booths confirmed to attend the event.

External Booths:

Internal Booths:


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FREE Document Shredding

049As part of the event, we will offer FREE document shredding in partnership with the Records Information Management. The service will be provided by Data Shredding Service which is the same company that provides shredding services for campus.  Shredding documents allows for the secure, efficient, and eco-friendly destruction of sensitive documents.  Paper is recycled after it is shredded.

How it will work at the Earth Day Event:

  • A bin will be available at the Records Information Management Table in the MET Lobby on Thursday, April 20th from 11am to 2pm.
  • You may put any sensitive documents in the bin during that time.
  • Be sure to get a stamp on your Earth Day Passport for visiting the table.

Why Shred?

More FAQ about shredding


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Clothing Swap

ED_clothing swap graphicFor the first time at our Earth Day Event, we will feature a Clothing Swap, where participants can bring items and exchange them for things someone else brought.  Some of the environmental benefits of a clothing swap include:

  • Reducing the amount of harmful chemicals used to make clothing such as pesticides in growing cotton and pollutants from the manufacturing processes
  • Reducing pollution due to transportation of clothing and its materials
  • Diverting textiles from the landfill and giving them extended use through another person.

Want to participate?  This event is limited to 25 participants, so you must register prior to the event (we’ll have a waiting list if it fills up).

Click HERE for all the specifics and to register. 


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Art Display – North Hi Mount Elementary School

Ms. Tomme’s kindergarten class from North Hi Mount Elementary School will be displaying some art to bring attention to environmental issues.  Come see what the kids have done!

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This page was last modified on April 10, 2017