The Link Between Community Health and the Environment

Selected Publications
Incorporating Sustainability into Community Based-Healthcare Practice (Patrick 2011)
Healthier Hospitals Initiative (Samet 2011)
Beyond the Bin: How Healthcare is Responding to the Sustainability Movement (Popely 2009)
Letter to the Editor: The Challenge of Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare (Brown 2009)

In educating people to adopt healthy
behaviors, we promote eating right and exercising. In the same way we
promote these actions, we should encourage environmental stewardship
since the health of our environment affects community health. Many
health issues are directly related to the quality of our water and
air. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), about
1.3 million deaths a year result from urban air pollution (link). Furthermore,
the healthcare industry is a significant consumer of energy and water
and generates considerable amounts of waste. The industry has a
responsibility to adopt sustainable practices in order to efficiently
use its resources and minimize environmental impacts.

Teaching our Students Sustainability at UNTHSC

Are you interested in incorporating
sustainability principles into your class and/or research? Or does your
class and/or research already have sustainability principles as part of
the curriculum? Please contact the Office of Sustainability and let us know. We would like to partner with you in addressing this topic at the university.