Facilities Space Management

The Office of Facilities Management is responsible for providing the operational management of UNTHSC space resources.   The office is responsible for:

  • Determining the Gross Square Footage (GSF) and Net Assignable Square Footage (NASF) of the UNTHSC Campus.
  • Advising the Space Utilization Committee (SUC) concerning allocation, utilization, and re-appropriation of space.
  • Conduct an annual space inventory audit to be submitted annually to the THECB.
  • Creating or purchasing an automated space management system to facilitate decision making.
  • Publishing a space distribution chart that will provide information on current utilization.

To view the Space Inventory Procedures and Guidelines please use this link:


To view the latest Space Inventory by building please use the link below:

FY 12 Space Inventory

To view all timelines associated with the Space Inventory please use the following link:

Timeline – Annual Space Inventory

Timeline – Change of Space Process

Timeline – Construction Change Process

Any questions regarding the Space Inventory — please contact Patricia Dossey at 817-735-2289, email – patricia.dossey@unthsc.edu.