Construction Updates

March 2019 Update

Hello HSC,
I wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone on construction progress happening on campus.  I would like to thank everyone for their patience during this busy time.  The entrances to parking lots and garages, and foot traffic along Clifton street have been impacted the most by multiple projects.

Chilled Water Loop (Thermal Expansion)

Pictured below are photos of the thermal expansion line progress.  This is a multi-phase project that when completed, will have a loop between CBH, IREB, LIB, EAD, and RES.  The chilled water loop will create redundancy between the equipment that already exists in each of these buildings and provides conditioned air and water to these buildings.  This will decrease future interruptions to the campus when maintenance is required of the equipment in these buildings.  This project also makes our campus more energy efficient. Fun fact; according to the State Energy Conservation Office, UNTHSC is the most efficient Texas health science center in energy per square foot than any other campus! The current phase of this project started in the faculty garage, is currently crossing Clifton Street, and will then turn South along Clifton Street before tying in to the West side of IREB.  We expect this phase of construction on the chilled water loop to be completed by 3/15/19.  Stay tuned for the next phases of continuing the loop from LIB to RES and EAD.

Thermal Web

Entrances, Curbs, & Sidewalk Replacement Along Clifton Street

Multiple entrances to parking lots, garages, and driveways will be replaced as part of a multi phased project that will end with the repaving of Clifton Street.  With all of the construction and traffic that has taken place along Clifton Street in the past few years, repaving this street is a necessity to repair the damages that have been caused by the growth of our campus.  Currently, Lot 6 entry is under construction.  The first side of concrete has been placed and is in the process of curing.  Next week, we will drive on the new side, while the other side is replaced.  The process for replacing all of our entrances will take one week per side.  Lot 6 entry will be completed and drivable by 3/11/19.  When Clifton Street is reopened in a few weeks, construction will continue on the remaining entrances that are shown below in green.  Please use caution when entering and exiting the parking lots.  Gravel will temporarily be placed for the campus to drive on until concrete is poured back.

Street Web

RES Sanitary Line Replacement

The sanitary line in RES had reached its life expectancy and was beginning to fail.  Pictured below are photos of a very dirty job that we are thankful to have completed.  Two slabs of concrete were cut through before hand-digging 10-12 feet deep to uncover and replace this line that supports RES.  The line has been replaced, and recovered the full length of the RES building.  This job caused quite a bit of extra traffic and material along Clifton Street and at the loading dock during an already busy time.

Dirt Web Dirt Web2


Parking Garage 5

I am sure that by now, everyone has noticed the crane that was erected over the past weekend.  The Kobelco 2750G has a boom that is 240’ long with an 80’ jib totaling 320’!  It holds almost 260,000 lbs. of counterweights and has a lifting capacity of 13,400 lbs.  Four our project we will not lift more than 8,300 pounds.  We are very excited to have steel show up this Monday, March 4th.  Please be prepared to see the extra traffic of large trucks carrying the steel for our garage.  The new concrete columns that will support this steel were poured yesterday 2/28.  All of the demolition required to add the next level of the garage has been completed.  Light poles have been taken down and will soon be removed for safe storage until they are reinstalled on the new level of the garage. Please stay out of the zones that are fenced off for construction. We are on schedule to have cars parking on the new level the beginning of July.  Next up we will see steel being set by the crane.

Crane Web

Please check the UNT Health Science Center Operations Facebook page for more updates. We all appreciate your understanding and cooperation while these projects are being completed.

Thank you,

Matt Rowland
Associate Director, Construction  Ext. 2547