Provides for the management of renovation and new construction projects. Manages all as-built facilities plans and floor plans, and provides interior design services, as well as all painting, carpentry, and grounds maintenance and landscaping.

Construction and Renovation Project Request Procedures

All new construction and renovation projects must be requested through the Construction Office. If the appropriate vice presidents approve the proposed construction and renovation project, the Construction Office will receive the authorized Construction and Renovation request form. Once the authorized Construction and Renovation request form is received, the Construction Office will complete an initial autocad drawing and construction cost estimate.

The Construction and Renovation request form then will be submitted to the V.P. for Operations with the construction cost estimate for final approval. The V.P. for Operations will evaluate the construction estimate with the source of funding to determine final approval.

If a proposed construction and renovation project is given final approval, the Construction Office will develop the Construction Documents, which include the drawings and specifications. The construction documents must be reviewed and approved by the following:

  1. Biomedical Communications
  2. Campus Police
  3. Construction Services
  4. Department Head
  5. Facilities Management
  6. Facilities Management Services
  7. Information Technology Services
  8. Quality Management/Safety Office
  9. Safety Office
  10. Telecommunications
  11. Utilities and Energy Management
  12. Other

Once the construction documents have been reviewed and approved, the bid packages will be developed. The bid packages are submitted to Purchasing to be put out for bid. Bids are received at the Construction Office and reviewed. Bids are submitted to Purchasing to award the contract to the low bidder that has included the complete scope of work. Once the contractor receives a contract and/or a purchase order, the project will be scheduled with the requesting department, the contractor and Construction Office.

Construction and Renovation Request Form

Form Information

Please complete the form. A properly completed form will assist in expediting the construction and renovation project in a timely manner. The following information must be included on the Construction and Renovation Request Form for the project to be expedited:

  • Request Date
  • Requesting Department
  • Phone Number
  • Detailed Description of Request
  • Answers to the eight “Will This Request Require” yes or no questions
  • Source of Funding (If Known)
  • Please submit the completed construction and renovation request form and send to appropriate vice presidents for initial approval for proposed construction

Construction and Renovation Request Form

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