Central Receiving FAQs

Where is Central Receiving?

  • Central Receiving is located in the General Service Building, room 144. Entry can be made at the dock on the southeast side of the building. 3420 Darcy St

When does Central Receiving accept goods from shipments?

  • Incoming shipments are received throughout the business day. Most incoming shipments are delivered to the dock between 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

When are incoming shipments delivered to the departments?

  • Central Receiving deliveries are prioritized by the type of shipment. The bulk of the deliveries will begin once all overnight shipping companies have delivered their freight.

Who does Central Receiving deliver for?

  • Central Receiving delivers for Pharmacy, Print Shop, Biomedical Communications, and the goods from incoming shipments at the Central Receiving dock.

How does Central Receiving track their deliveries?

  • Central Receiving creates a manifest listing the packages to be delivered. The manifest requires a signature from a recipient to acknowledge the number of packages being delivered. The manifest will contain the recipient name, freight number, shipping company, number of packages, and room number for a shipment. A signature is required for any receipts from the service departments.

What about I receive an item directly from the vendor?

  • Send an e-mail to HSC Receiving Request Office to request a receiving report be issued. The following information will be required:
  1.       Purchase order number
  2.       Vendor
  3.       Number of items received
  4.       Purchase order status (Complete/Incomplete)
  5.       Invoice number
  6.       Amount
  • A receiving report is required to complete the payment process to the vendors for all purchased goods. Remember to send the original invoice to Accounts Payable.

What happens if the vendor I use doesn’t use my name on the shipping label for my credit card orders?

  • Central Receiving will make an attempt to contact the vendor to obtain the P-Card users name. Packages will be held for 24 hours before being returned to the vendor.

Who does Central Receiving use to ship overnight packages?

  • Central Receiving uses Federal Express for overnight and freight shipping.

How do I ship a package for my department with Federal Express?

  • Complete a Freight Requisition form. The Freight Requisition form can be found in Central Receiving’s website under “Forms”. Always use a street address. No Post Office (PO) Box Numbers may be used. Departments will be charged the state rate through interdepartmental transfers.
  • A phone number is important in case there is a problem with the delivery. Packages can be dropped off at the Mailroom until 2:30 PM for pick up by Central Receiving. Packages will need to be dropped off in Central Receiving after 2:30 PM.

How can I find out my tracking number for my overnight shipment?

  • Contact Central Receiving to obtain the shipping number. Use the Federal Express website to track the package.

How are the gas cylinders handled?

  • A numbered tag is applied to the gas cylinders as they are received. Gas cylinders are stored in the storage area located at the RES Dock and in the storage area on the north side of the Center for Biohealth building. Information related to the purchase and receipt of the gas cylinder is entered into a log that is located in the Central Receiving website. The receipt and return of the gas cylinders is maintained in the Gas Cylinder Log.

What needs to be done to return an item to the vendor?

  • Central Receiving should be notified of any goods obtained by purchase orders being returned to a vendor. Send an e-mail to the HSC Receiving Request Office e-mail address to notify Central Receiving of the purchase order number and the item(s) being returned to the vendor. Central Receiving will need to know whether the return is for credit, replacement or exchange. Central Receiving will need to initiate a Return to Vendor in the EIS system.

What does the Courier do and can I use this service?

  • The Couriers provide a distribution service for UNT Health clinics. All route stops are set and do not change. The Couriers can drop off at the designated stops but are unable to deviate from the scheduled route.